HSE Austin School Wide Fundraiser / Kick-Off Event on Monday, October 23rd.

  •  October 20, 2017

We would like to let you know that we are going to start chocolate fundraising for club and organizations. The student will raise it for the school activities and programs, and we will need your support to make this event better. The students will not be allowed to join the fundraiser without parent and club adviser or sponsor teacher approval.

Our fundraiser starts 10/24/17 and ends 12/4/17. To make it fun, we have prizes!

Here is the link below for the sign up form!

HSE Chocolate Fundraising Form!

To Make it Fun, We Have Prizes!

Prizes add up. The more you sell the more prizes you earn.

Level A, Sell 1 Box You Get: a FREE Dress Day (yahoo, no uniform!)
Level B, Sell 2 Boxes You Also Get: an Emoji Stretchy Tongue Ball & an Emoji Drawstring Backpack J
Level C, Sell 3 Boxes You Also Get: a Clip-On Cell Phone Holder (clip it on a table, desk, nightstand, etc.)
Level D, Sell 4 or 5 Boxes You Also Get: a Mini Emoji Basketball (a yellow basketball with Emoji image on it J)
Level E, Sell 6 or 7 Boxes You Also Get: an awesome Remote Control Flying Bird (it really flies and you don’t have to feed it)
Level F, Sell 8 or 9 Boxes You Also Get: a VR Box, 3D Virtual Reality Headset (three-dimensional fun)
Level G, Sell 10 to 12 Boxes You Also Get: a giant Plasma Ball (an 8” ball of electricity, it’s pretty crazy)
Level H, Sell 13 or More You Also Get: a 5 pound WFC Bar (WOW, that’s a big chocolate bar, party time) The top seller also gets an Amazon Echo Dot (ask Alexa a question and you get an answer, very COOL!)

In Addition, More Fun!

The Grand Prize Drawing: You also get your name in the drawing 1 time for every box of chocolate that you sell. The more you sell the more chances you have in the drawing! At the end of the fundraiser, we will draw 1 name. The winner gets a Lenovo, #100s, 14” Screen, Laptop Computer


As a onetime celebration of this new fundraiser, we will also draw 4 additional names. Each of the 4 winners will also get a Lenovo, #100s, 14” Screen Laptop 5 Students in Harmony School of Excellence will win these 5 drawings!

Serdar Ozguven
Campus Engagement & Support Coordinator