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Harmony Schools Advocates

Dear Harmony Community
Please click the link below to read important health message from HPS.

UT-Austin College Admission session

This Wednesday October 1st, Caitlin James from the UT Admissions Office visited our seniors and juniors. Ms. James talked about the admission process, financial aid and the characteristics that make UT unique. Our student benefited greatly from this informative session. More college readiness activities to come!

To see the photos , please visit HSE-Austin Facebook wall.

Baylor University College Trip

Harmony School of Excellence- Austin Senior class visited Baylor University on Wed, Sep 24th, 2014.They were given campus tours along with an information sessions.They had opportunity to see Baylor University Waco campus and learn more about the educational and social programs at college. Thanks a lot to all students and Ms.Sullivan to join the college trip.

To see the photos , please visit HSE-Austin Facebook wall.

ALEKS iPad Raffle

Dear Students and Parents ;

If students complete their ALEKS Pie chart by May 22nd 2015 ,their names will be placed to the raffle.

Drawing on May 26th, 2015 in the cafeteria.

ALEKS Incentives

Dear Parents and Students ;

Here is the ALEKS incentive program for 2014-2015 school year at HSE-Austin.

ALEKS incentive program flyer

Students will be using the ALEKS program during their +5 hours Math Lab classes. New and returning students will start the year by taking the initial (diagnostic) assessment on ALEKS.

Students’ weekly goals may differ based on their ability in math class. They are required to complete the certain number of objectives in every week. After students master 20-25 topics, ALEKS assigns a progress-assessment. Lab-teachers will be watching these assessments’ scores very closely. they will discuss about students` progress and set new goals right after each assessments.

Students will be rewarded as school wide based on the performance they show. Please feel free to check the flyer above.

ALEKS is an adaptive, online math program that uses artificial intelligence and open-response questioning to identify precisely what each student knows and doesn't know. Through truly individualized learning and assessment, ALEKS delivers a personalized learning path on the exact topics each student is most ready to learn.

ALEKS is a Research-Based Online Math Program:

Individualized Assessment and Learning for Grades 3-12
Adaptive Environment Avoids Multiple-Choice Questions
Detailed Progress Monitoring on Student Mastery of Common Core and State Standards
Fully Bilingual Courses Available in English and Spanish
QuickTables - Math Fact Mastery Program

For more info : ALEKS Website

If you have any questions , please feel free to contact with your Math Teachers.


Dear Students and Parents ;

Please feel free to check the following documents to learn how to find login details for chromebooks and reset password.

How to find Chromebook username

How to reset Chromebook Password

SAT Prep Sessions

Dear High School Students,

The College Guidance Department of Harmony School of Excellence is pleased to announce SAT Prep Sessions starting from Saturday,Sep 6th, 2014. Sessions are open to all high school students who focus on building a solid, preparation strategy to achieve the SAT score necessary to gain admission to top choice colleges and maximizing scholarship potential.

Space is limited; students will be enrolled on a first come, first served basis.

Eligibility Requirements

• Regular attendance. Limits established on absences.

Students who do not comply with these regulations will be asked to withdraw and the space may be awarded to another student.

SAT Sessions Schedule
Saturday 9:00 AM – Noon

Please contact with your college counselors (asarioglu@harmonytx.org or christel.sullivan@harmonytx.org ) for detailed information about SAT Prep Sessions.

School Report Card

Dear Parents,

Attached you will find a copy of the State of Texas 2013 and 2014 School Report Card for Harmony School of Excellence. This is a report required by the Texas Legislature and prepared by the Texas Education Agency. It is to be sent to the parent or guardian of every child enrolled in a Texas public school. The report provides information concerning student performance on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), as well as information on student enrollment, class size averages, and financial expenditures.

The information contained in the School Report Card is required by state law and is briefly described in the enclosed “2013 and 2014 School Report Card Definitions.” The report for our school may or may not have all the information described, because the information presented depends on whether the school is an elementary, middle, or high school.

State law requires that the school report card display information about for the state, the district, and the school. Where possible, the information must be reported by race/ethnicity and socio-economic status of the students and must include at least two years of results.

The School Report Cards can be found online at:

School Report Cards

A more complete report about Harmony School of Excellence, the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR), is available by contacting my office or can be accessed online at:

Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)

2013 School Report Card

2014 School Report Card

School Report Card Definitions English
School Report Card Definitions Spanish

Please contact me if you have any questions concerning this report card. Thank you for your continued support of Harmony School of Excellence.


Marie Prescott
Dean of Academics


Dear Seniors and Juniors and Parents ;

The high school Four-Year Scholarship is for high school students planning on attending a four-year college program.


Be a U.S. citizen
Be between the ages of 17 and 26
Have a high school GPA of at least 2.50
Have a high school diploma or equivalent
Score a minimum of 920 on the SAT (math/verbal) or 19 on the ACT (excluding the required writing test scores)
Meet physical standards
Agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or in a Reserve Component (Army Reserve or Army National Guard)


An eight-year service commitment with the Army.
Serve full time in the Army for four years and four years with the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).
Selected Cadets may choose to serve part time in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard while pursuing a civilian career.

Please contact with Mr.Ali (asarioglu@harmonytx.org), high school college guidance advisor for more information.


The Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program selects 1,000 talented students each year to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice. The 2015 GMS Online Application is open until the Wednesday, January 14, 2015 11:59 pm EST deadline. For the complete list of eligibility criteria, click here.

Please see Mr.Ali to start the application process.

School Database and Mobile App are Ready for All Students

Dear Parents and Students,

You can access online student/parent portal by logging on under School Database or Harmony Parent app on the top right side of this page. Your child's login will be his/her first name, followed by a space, and then last name (ex. John Smith).

The password will be your child's birthdate in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY (ex. 02/03/1999) unless you have already set another password.

Please visit the portal often to keep track of your child's grade progress, homework, schedule, attendance, lunch balance, graduation status and etc.

If you have any question or trouble with logging into the portal, please send an email to hseaustin@harmonytx.org

Tiger Mail

We are happy to introduce our redesigned weekly newsletter "Tiger Mail" right here on the website! Please find the link on the left side menu to stay informed on what's happening in our school. For questions or comments please contact christel.sullivan@harmonytx.org.

Child Find

It is the policy of the Harmony Science Academy Charter School to locate and identify any child who contacts or enrolls in the Charter School who may have a disability and be in need of special education and related services, regardless of the severity of the disability, in accordance with its procedures as reflected in the CHILD FIND legal framework of the Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process, located at: http://framework.esc18.net/. read more...



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